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Books? [29 Dec 2006|01:41pm]
I bought Midnight Riders: The Story of the Allman Brothers Band by Dean Freeman & Skydog: The Duane Allman Story by Randy Poe last night on Amazon and I was wondering what you guys thought about them. Good? Bad? Accurate? Inaccurate?
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"Dreams" [01 Dec 2004|11:19pm]

[ mood | Amazed! ]

Listening to "Dreams" right now. It is such an amazing song. Gregg's vocals are just so raw and emotional. And Duane's guitar solo is absolutley beautiful. The climax is awesome too. There are no words to explain this song!

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THE FILLMORE EAST [15 Oct 2004|11:16pm]

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My Review of:

1.Statesboro Blues (Willie McTell)
2.Done Somebody Wrong (Elmore James, Clarence Lewis, Morris Levy)
3.Stormy Monday (T-bone Walker)
4:You Don't Love Me (Willie Cobbs)
5:Hot 'Lanta (D. Allman, G. Allman, Betts, J'aimoe, Oakley, Trucks)
6:In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Dickey Betts)
7:Whipping Post (Gregg Allman)

One of the greatest rock albums (Certainly one of the best live albums) ever made. The Allman Brothers definitely had all their songs down when they entered the Fillmore East. After having created two studio albums, which included two songs which would appear on this album, the Allmans wanted to give their fans a sense of their live sound, and they did.

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The Allman Brothers LiveJournal [13 Oct 2004|09:37pm]

Hi All!

Welcome to the Live Journal for Allman Brothers fans.

The Allman Brothers Band, one of the greatest rock 'n roll blues bands of all time has been in exsistance since 1969.

This great rock 'n roll blues band is also one of the most under-appretiated. The six piece group was led by the late, great guitarist and band leader, and one of the most inventive guitarists in rock 'n roll history, *Duane Allman. His inspirational slide work, his touch, his tone, his choice of notes, and everything about him has shaped me into the guitar player I am today. Duane's brother Gregg Allman's organ and rouchy vocals brought the blues to the band and wrote so many great songs such as "Whipping Post," "It's Not My Cross to Bear" and "Dreams". Does anyone know any other white guy who can sing like Gregg? And don't forget Dicky Betts, whose guitar work counterpointed Duane's and whose backstage songwritting created such memorable tunes as "Revival" and the classic "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed."

Not to mention that the Allman Brothers consisted of an inventive and tight rhythm section. The Late Berry Oakley has been considered to be one of the greatest rock 'n roll bass players ever as he could play like a third guitar in the band. The two drummers, Butch Trucks and J'aimoe, worked so well together, the Allmans never had to worry about the band getting off time.

They were known as a jam band, but they were also great songwriters and their jams were very planned out using their signature dual lead guitar lines like a horn section with Gregg's awesome vocals.

Their first album: THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND is a masterpiece blues album. It featured the raw sound of the Allman Brothers Band with Gregg's best vocals and some of Dickey and Duane's best guitar work.

IDLEWILE SOUTH appeared after their first album selling better than the first. In my opinion, not quite as good, but certainly fantastic. Included Dickey's songs and Gregg's songs along with Berry Oakley's stunning version of "Hoochie Coochie Man".
They were great in the studio, but live, it was magic. They created the legendary FILLMORE EAST Album which will go down in history as the greatest live album ever.

Unfortunatley, at their peak, Duane Allman was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. He was 24. The band was lost without him, but continued to carry on the music. They released the classic EAT A PEACH album which included the last tracks with Duane including the epic "Mountain Jam" and "One Way Out". Also included songs dedicated to Duane including "Melissa".

Eerilly, thirteen months later, Berry Oakley died in a motorcycle accident only a block away from where Duane died. He was also 24. Absolutley creepy! But Dickey Betts took over the band and led it in a new direction with country flavor which was not true Allmans music. "Rambling Man" became a number two hit for the band, but it was not the Rock'nRoll Blues the Allmans were known for. Betts has been fired recentley for alcholhal problems.

Gregg Allman still sings great today and writes some wonderful music, the drummers are still active, and Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks have replaced Duane and Dickey and proven to be incendiary guitar players, but the band have never really regained their signature playing that Duane Allman made famous.

But the first four albums of them really capture this band at it's prime and I highly recomend them to anyone who digs the blues or rock 'n roll or just wants to hear some incendiary music!
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